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The gyrocopter

A gyrocopter, also called an autogyro or gyroplane, belongs to the class of rotary wing aircraft. These include aircraft that receive their lift from at least one rotor rotating about a vertical axis. The best-known representative of this group is a helicopter, so a gyroplane works like a helicopter.

In contrast to a helicopter, the main rotor of a gyrocopter is not driven by an engine, but by the airstream. This effect is known as autorotation. Thus the main rotor of the gyrocopter functionally replaces the rigid wing of a fixed wing aircraft. An engine takes care of the propulsion and a tail rotor is not necessary due to the passive drive of the main rotor.


Sightseeing flights

The perspective from the gyrocopter will inspire you with the unique panorama in the border triangle between Lower Austria, Styria and Burgenland. Sightseeing flights are always welcome as gifts.

Choose a suggested route or choose your own route.

You can easily book in the contact form and tell me your wishes.

On request, I will be happy to send you a gift voucher for a sightseeing flight.

(This sightseeing flight is not a commercial offer according to Section 20 of the Aviation Act. It is a cost flight according to Section 102, Paragraph 4 of the LFG.

The prices given are guide prices, billing is per flight minute)

The sightseeing flights only take place in good weather. If the weather is bad, an alternative date will be agreed.
NEW: Sightseeing flights by plane can be booked via wingly.io .

Have to be brought along

  • When flying with the cabin open, clothing appropriate to the weather is recommended.

  • When flying with the cabin closed, you shouldn't be too warm in summer.

  • flat shoes

  • sunglasses

  • Photo or video camera

You get from us

  • Headset (speech connection with the pilot or radio connection with the tower)

  • Detailed instruction in safety and technology

Demands on you

  • max.weight: 100 kg

  • Minimum age: 12 years

  • max.size: 2 m

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Wienerstrasse 120,

2700 Wiener Neustadt

Suggested routes

Tragschrauber Rundflug Schneeberg

Flight to the Schneeberg

30 min, 90 €

Admire the highest mountain in Lower Austria from the air.

There are still a few on the way back See castles.


Flight around the Neusiedlersee

60 min, € 170

Experience a sightseeing flight that captures the scenic beauty and idyll of the Seewinkel National Park.


Your very own route

We are happy to fly a route according to your wishes. Just let us know your route when booking so that we can make you an attractive offer.





Thank you for your message!

meeting point


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